Reincarnation Service


According to some philosophy theories, every person lives practically unlimited sequence of lives. Every next of them can be more or less pleasant, depending on the person's mind development in previous lives. The work on this development can be hard and sometimes cannot suite common people.

We can offer a single reincarnation (life) which does not depend on it. Even more, we can guarantee a success in almost all spheres of life during this reincarnation.

Technically the system is based on the fact, that karma is not a matter of material stuff, but of the informational one. The information is not material (it needs material media to exist though) and thus it does not depend on the law of matter conservation. For the same reason, it can be free of cause-effect boundaries and so it can be influenced significally by very slight distortions of informational content of this part of the world.

The procedure of reincarnation modification is kindly provided by Master Dan Shen, and cannot be described in words.

However, due to the same fact and to some other rules, the more preciously we define some properties of the MR, the less definition can be given to all other its properties. Therefore, nobody knows what kind of world can one get to in the next life.

Nevertheless, there are some exclusions. A unical technology of choosing human life form for the next life is developed. It is very sophisticated, but can be done.

The extra reincarnation is an 'inserted' life and is not a part of the samsara and it does not influence the following reincarnations or karma itself.

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