Reincarnation Service


Q: Can I order a MR for my relatives?
A: The technology of reincarnation modification demands firm decision of the person who is applying for the MR. So, if someone asked you to do this and agreed to the terms, you can fill the order form and make payment. The person would anyway learn the code sequence in order to be able to connect RIS during the MR.

Q: Can I order more than one MR now?
A: No. That is impossible. We are working on this problem, but no signs of success yet.

Q: You don't ask for address or photo. How do you identify the applicant?
A: No need to identify someone. To proceed the modification only two conditions are necessary: firm decision of the Applicant to do that and some help of Master Dan Shen. We consider that firm decision is evident if the payment is arrived. These two decisions build an informational 'ornament' which allows Master Dan Shen to do his work.

Q: Can you provide a MR to my pet?
A: No, sorry.

Q: Can I order a MR to my aunt who is in coma?
A: No, a firm decision of the person whose reincarnation is to be modified required.

Q: What if I change my mind and decide that I don't need the MR?
A: Nothing can be done now and here since the modification is done, because you don't belong to karma anymore for the next life, which formally starts with your death. However, for example, you can commit suicide as soon as you can in the MR, and your karma will continue without any changes.

Q: Can I get in touch with Master Dan Shen?
A: No, Master Dan Shen doesn't need any contacts except of the ones he initiates himself. We can offer his translation of 'Words of Vantala', we hope you will find the answers for your questions there.

Q: I forgot my Code Sequence. What should I do?
A: Visit our support page, enter as much as you remember from your code sequence, type the message containing this question. If you have just ordered the service, the code sequence will be resent to you. If you have forgotten the code sequence while this is your MR ordered, we'll try to check similar code sequences and your previous life details. There is some (just some) possibility that we can find out if you have been our customer. Otherwise you won't be able to complain and get the compensation. No mechanism of restoring lost code sequence in MR exists.
Please don't forget your code sequence.

Q: Are there any discounts for groups or families?
A: No, sorry. Despite of the quantity of the applicants it's always an individual work. There can be some different work methods with the aggregors, but no one in THIS world applied for such a service yet.

Q: My wife and I ordered MR. Can we hope we will be together in MR?
A: This is a tricky question. If one of you associates the life success with the presence of the another one of you, it will happen for him/her. But if the another one of you doesn't need it for his/her success, it won't happen for him/her. We won't explain more.

Q: I was your client in my previous life. I am not satisfied with this world. What compensation can I have?
A: You should go to the clients section, fill in the form with you code sequence and we will find a way to satisfy you. If nothing else can be done then depending on the adequacy of your complaints we can offer a discount up to 100% for the next ordered MR.

Q: Your activity is absolutely anti scientific!
A: We know.

Q: Your activity is absolutely anti Christian!
A: We know.

Q: You are frauds!
A: No, we are not.

Q: Can anything in my behavour or something spoil my karma while in MR?
A: No, feel free to live.

Q: Don't you think that 200 and 4000 US$ is a bit too expensive for something that I cannot touch?
A: There's no such thing as 'expensive things', there is such thing as 'lack of money'.

Q: Don't you think that 200 and 4000 US$ is too cheap for the whole life?
A: We won't refuse if you pay more.

Q: What do you mean by 'success in most important parts of life'?
A: That means that if you think that something is important for you, you will win it if you try. Small wishes or passive awaiting is not a proper base to success.

Q: This world is my MR. Everything is ok, I am rich, healthy and loved, but I don't feel happy. Is this a base for complaint?
A: No. We don't offer happiness, we only guarantee the success.

Q: You said that you provide full access to the memory about the previous life. I cannot remember many things from it anyway.
A: You also cannot remember many things from your current life. This is a way how Homo Sapiens access the memory. Try psychoanalisys.

Q: You say that you cannot guarantee race, sex and so on in MR. But I only want to be a blonde male in MR, otherwise I won't order your service.
A: You CAN be a blonde male if it is necessary for you imagination of success. But only in this case.

Q: I want be a tiger in MR. Is that possible?
A: It is, but we cannot do anything for that. It's again a question of your imagination of importance of this your wish and your imagination of success.

Q: Could you tell me more about karma?
A: Sorry, we are not an educational organization.

Q: I understand that you are not an educational organization, but anyway could you explain a bit more about how do you do what you talk about?
A: It's too complicated and uncommon. Also it is a knowhow. But just to be polite: here are some fragments from Johann Swammerdam work "Karma for Dummies".

Q: I am a Christian. Christianity doesn't operate such terms as karma and reincarnation. How can it be connected to what you offer?
A: We don't know.

Q: I am a Christian. My religion tells that there will be different thing after my death. What if I order a MR?
A: We make no difference about the religions of the Applicants. Feel free to join.

Q: I am a Buddhist. My master says that I shouldn't use your service. But I want to do that anyway. I am in doubts.
A: It's always your own choice.

Q: I am an atheist. I don't believe in what you say. Have you any proofs of your activity?
A: No, sorry. Living in a MR is a great advantage and our clients avoid announcing it. We respect their privacy. But some of the people you can see on TV and read in newspapers about belong to our clients group.

Q: Why do you use so strange code sequence for identification?
A: We cannot be sure that during MR someone can use words or decimal numbers. But we believe that there cannot be less than 3D life forms. So we use a sequence of several 2D and 3D geometrical figures, that is easy enough to remember and that should exist (and be explained) in any MR world.

Q: Why wouldn't you design your site in more fancy manner, with graphics, flash, etc?
A: Why would we need it?

Q: Can I downgrade my service from Premium to Regular?
A: No, sorry.

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