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Job opportunity

No wonder that our team consists of many people. Any assistants are welcome.

There can be two cases in our hire politics:

1. You found that you have Reincarnation Service Crew Code Sequence.

That will allow you to join the team immediately, without many questions. The work is to contact personally with our clients under our actual service and solve the questions, depending on your abilities, such as age, intellect, skills, place of living and so on. Reincarntion Service will take care on your adaptation and development.

Please fill the form and enter the Crew Code to obtain the full information.

2. You have no Crew Code Sequence.

That's not a problem. But the only position we can offer for the start is Sales Manager. The work is to find new clients for the Reincarnation Service.

After the first sale we offer 10% discount that Sales Manager may share with the client in any proportion. If you show good activity the discount can be discussed personally.

Every client gives you bonus points, equal to the payments, received by Reincarnation Service.
The points can be used to order your own services a part of the payment or as a total payment. The value of one bonus point is 0.2$.
The poins cannot be converted to money.
T he points cannot be given to another person.
T he points can be used to order the service for another person.

The contract.

We have no special contract form for this case due to enormous differences in the law of different countries. So the cooperation is a matter of fact. If you have a position in our team and if we have a client who pays not less than 90% of usual amount and both you and she/he claim that you are her/his agent, we process this client as if she/he pays the full cost.

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Enter your Crew Code Sequence if you have one: