Reincarnation Service


Terms and conditions:

Regular Service:

Reincarnation Service (RIS) provides a good, successful single reincarnation to the Applicant.
RIS guarantees success in all important life spheres during this modified reincarnation (MR).
The details of success are defined by the Applicant during the MR.
RIS guaranteed full access to the memory about this current life during the MR in a way, usual to common memory access for the Applicant life form in the world of the MR.
Applicant agrees to pay US$200 for Regular Service or US$4000 for Premium Service.
Applicant may apply only for his own reincarnation.
RIS process the reincarnation modification within 24 hours after the payment arrival.
RIS cannot guarantee reliable results if Applicant dies before this moment.
RIS cancels its obligations if Applicant commits suicide for the reasons, concerned with this agreement. No money returns.
RIS cannot guarantee any certain details of future reincarnation, including its time, place or life form if Regular Service is chosen.
The normal sansara sequence cannot be restored after the reincarnation modification procedure is complete.
RIS accepts complains and compensations requests if the MR does not satisfy the Applicant within 1/7 of average life length of Applicant's life form in the MR world.
RIS guarantees to provide a suitable ability to connect RIS in the MR for the Applicant.
RIS cancels its obligations if the MR is spoiled by Applicant due to consequent, evidently inadequate behavour.
RIS allows to apply for the reincarnation modification unlimited times, once for single reincarnation.
RIS is not responsible for any risk existing in any world. Anyway, RIS assures Applicant that the life length should be at least average life length in the MR world for Applicant's life form assuming that Applicant's behavour will be adequate.
RIS accepts complains if the Applicant's life length will not reach average life length in the MR world for Applicant's life form.
Any time you may upgrade to Premium Service for US$3800.

Premium Service:

In addition to Regular Service, we can provide Applicant with a reincarnation in a human life form.
Premium Service includes Regular Service.
RIS cannot guarantee race, sex, skin, hair or eyes color or any other details of the human life form except of health in common understanding.
RIS accepts complains if the details of the human life form are incompatible with Applicant's understanding of success.

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