Reincarnation Service

Here you can read several fragments from Johann Swammerdam work "Karma for Dummies". The book is
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Chapter 1. The basics.


1.6. The common idea of samsara physics


If we throw a coin, threre is 1/2 probability that it will show us the eagle.
Easy to see that if we throw 2 coins, the probability that we'll see the eagle (one at least) is 3/4. If the coins will be three, the probability will be 7/8. I.e.


where n is coins number.

If we throw a dice and hope to see "six", the story will be almost the same:


Or, in common:


If we have an air ballon, we can find the probability of a case when all the air will gather in one it's half.


where A-number of air molecules in the ballon. It is large, about 10^23, so P will be very small.
But if we have more ballons, it will increase. When it reach 1/P1, the probability of the described case happened at list in a one ballon will be


or about 0.63

Imagine if we have another vessel, containing moleciles of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and so on. We want that these molecules in some certain moment get into the certain coordinates with a certain energy, produce chemical reaction and turn into a bottle of wine. Rare case, no doubt, but it's probability is not 0 because of some allowed inaccuracy in the coordinates, molecules energy and so on. It will be also small, but also we can define as many volumes as we need.

Now it's time to remember (1.2) that the universe is nfinite. I don't mean here our current universe, I mean everything that existed, exists or will exist. In this case the volumes number n also will be infinite and

P=1-(1-1/P1)^n will be 1

Probability equal 1 means that the case will happen.

So: there are somewhere in the universe many bottles of wine.
So: everything we can imagine exists.
So: everything we cannot imagine exists.

Now we should remember, that the human being is more complicated, than a bottle of wine, but the number of moolecules of the body is not infinite. That means that we have many copies somewhere in the world. And also that we have many copies that are not absolutely identical.

Now let's imagine a machine that disassemble a human into particles, register all the particles state and and coorinates, and then assembles it back.

It's evident, that the procedure won't influence the human. Nobody, including the human himself won't find any difference between "before" and "after".

We can even have some inaccuracy in the assembling. If we obtain the hair 1 mm longer or shorter, it won't influence the personality identity, which we are intersted in more than anything else. Even if we obtain three hands or four legs the personality will start to change only after noticing this fact.

The same about place and time of assembling. If the body will be assembled in Antarctida five years later, the personality itself won't be changed until understand that something is different. Well, we change permamnentlt in the same way.


Now let's go back to the bottles and universe. If we die here in this body, and somewhere there appears another, better body with the same menthal scheme, it will be the same person, as we could see above. And, as we could see above, it happens.

It even doesn't need to happen in a way we discussed with the bottle, it can be normal biological (or not ewally biological) process. All we need - the personality, menthal scheme kept safe.

This is lucky, because we stop needing any information transfer mechanism, it is duplicated in a stochastic manner.


Chapter 4. Atman integration.


4.2. Existance duration.

We cannot estimate the life cycle length (LSL) in usual terms since every world can have its own measures. Even if we try to find the base on the fundamental constants like hydrogene oscillation or something like that we shall meet certain problems.

There is a joke "Turtle's life is short but very slow". It considers our theme very closely.
If we look at an ant or at a bat, we'll find that their movements are very fast, and they can separate much more events per second then the humans. In common, the smaller the creature is the "faster" it lives. There can be many exclusions also. We could say that the living "speed" is about normal distribution rule, distorted by biological resons. Better result the distribution by geometrical size of a creature, gives distribution by the brain weight. Homo sapiens is slow enough within this distribution.

Thus we could say that a mouse which can separate about 40 events per second lives 4 times faster that a human with its appr. 10 events per second, and mouse's subjective LSL is not 30 times shorter that human's (70/2), but only 7 times shorter. In other words if one was a mouse he could estimate his life length in 8 years instead of astronomical 2 years of mice's life. I apologize for the very rough numbers, but the investigations give very different results within similar order, which is only important for our reasonings.

It would be logically correct if we operate with quantity of possible events during LSL when estimating its size. Therefor in a case of Homo Sapiens we can say that its life can consist of about 2*10^9 events. Let's say that the humans' life is of 9th order of length (OL). It's easy to see that most of the creatures, living on Earth and having brain have about the same OL within 8-10. Looks like there hardly can exist life forms of less than 5 OL. Maximal theoretical OL is a question.

Looks evident that life speed is directry proportional to signal speed in a brain and inversly proportional to its linear size. OL very slightly depends on physical time in different worlds.
For example: intelligent plasma vortex in a star at temperature 10000K and density 100 g/cm3 exists for about 2 seconds. Particle mobility is directly proportional to square root of the temperature. Assuming that signal speed is equal c (3*10^8 m/s) while signal speed in human brain is about 10^2 m/s and that brain element weight and brain elements quantity are about the same for both cases we'll find that the OL of the vortex is approximately equal to 10 (LSL=10^10 events), i.e. 5 times longer than human life.

In practice there are more complicated and less precious dependancies, but this example has only illustrative purpose.


4.8. Biology of the protein reincarnation

Mammals' brains are very badly designed for the reincarnation. Well, they are designed absolutely not for it. Brain development continues long after the birth and is ruled by very aggresive (in terms of mental occupation) instincts. At the moment of birth there is no place for extra personality in it. And even if there was one, this personality could hardly bear the concurrence with the process of instincts integration and their uncouncscious adaptation to the world.

Imagine if one would be born a tiger and was to learn tail usage without any skills. Even eyes focusing can be for sure a tricky task for an adult without such a habit, and much more tricky for a personality that has never used the eyes in its previous life. For sure it would have lost the control on this function for the benefit to the self-assembling host personality, whose strength is based on its simplicity. This host peronality will soon gain most of the controls and cover the guest personality, leaving it in the darkness and passivity.

Nevertheless we could observe some cases of concurrent guest personality development, but all of these cases belong to heavy incurable pathopsychology.

The non-pathological scheme of reincarnation in our world is based on the fact of several subpersonalities existance in human brain. In most cases the subpersonalities are weakly developed and usually can be hardly noticed by the dominating subpersonality, which we usually call the personality itself. In other cases anyway the subpersonalities can be well developed and even sometimes can get the domination if being active enough. These subpersonalities don't need to conduct the behaviour to exist, they only need to keep the connection to the dominating subpersonality. Thus they can get off the struggle for the body control and pay all the attention to self-development. That doesn't mean that such a subpersonality cannot have any control at all, it can even get the strategical methods of designing the dominating personality.

It's easy to see that it is such a subpersonality that is an aim of the reincarnation process.
As we have shown in 2.2 the authointegration process within the lack of authoritary information flows can (and is used to) lead to homeostatic structure synthesis, while the critery of the choise is structure stability. These conditions are suitable for the guest personality acceptance and development. Since no mechanism can exist for the subpersonality transfer, we can never predict the guest personality.

The only task left for the guest personality to obtain a suitable existance is gaining some Input/Output abilities and (ideally) the integration with the host. That's not a trivial process, so it can take a while. Most of the guest personalities never solve this question in a way we could call successful. As a rule the guest personality should be based on a history of a mentally trained person to solve it. That's why most of the reincarnation reports tell us about warriors, princes and monks, and not about slaves and peasants.


5.6. Cancellation script.

While the nirvana is the common (shared) states for every person who have reached it, every person reincarnated in nirvana is the same person, since the state is universal and totally equivalent for any host and any guest. Thus anyone who has got nirvana can be never changed and passes samsara in this state without being influenced. Subjectively any quantity of reincarnations following nirvana are not percepted and pass like a single moment without any events.

Samadhi, unlike nirvana is only a marker, powerful marker though, that is also common (shared) between all persons who have reached this state. Being a base value it allows the guest keep it together with attendant skills as a condition sine qua non.

Every common (shared) state of certain properties can be used like such marker. We call it scripts, because they work in some sertain stages of guest personality forming and give it some certain skills and abilities.

We know from 1.17 that the personality is an informational formation, and since the information is not material (it must have material media thouhg), it doesn't depend on matter conservation law. The reincarnation process is quasi-stochastic process, it has not transfer mechanism and so it has no causation limitations.

Karma can be "good" or "bad" only in terms of acceptance, tolerance of the personality. Any world can be both shocking and favourable only depending on the personality properties.

We have a case when we want to have a guaranteed "favorable" reincarnation for a person which is not trained to have it in a random world.

No one can influence future reincarnation, so, if we want to change something after the current person death, we should do it here and now. Reincarnation Service cannot work separately with every its customer, so the only way to make some changes is a script.

The script also cannot make any changes in place, time or any other circumstances of the reincarnation, so the only way of providing a proper reincarnation is selection. Cancellation script starts before the reincarnation process, estimates the circumstances and either cancels the reincarnation or desactivates itself.

Like nirvana script has been created by prince Gautama (well, in fact the creator of the nirvana script can be called prince Gautama, because all its creators are the same person and all of them are the one, who can be called by any name of any creator including "prince Gautama"), the cancellation script has been created by someone, who is traditionally (in this world) called Dan Shen.

The cancellation script has a part, distributing code sequences among the crew members, but its main function is to avoid undesirable reincarnation. It is much more complicated and specialized than nirvana or samadhi, and so it can work only in in narrow set of situations, but like the nirvana or samadhi scripts it "pulls in" the personality if the situation seems to be suitable.


5.18. Guest incorporation (human host case).


One of the unexpected results of incorporating such guest personality <with an absolutely non-humanoid history> into a human with obtaining some control skills is that these host humans can be very lucky and successful in some parts of life, due to access to very exotic experience and mental abilities.

Even more, in some cases these guest personalities can communicate with each other without even being noticed by the hosts and the society.

It can sound paradox, but a host, containing guest personality in a similar, but not equivalent society can be even less successful than pure host. No need to explain to the readers that such things as moral and ethic values of various kinds like destiny, honour, respect, fidelity and so on are just local culture phenomena and can have no (and usually have no) equivalents in different world society. If they are strong personal values unlike the cases of Zen or Dao people, the difference can easily cause cultural shock, leading to guest personality incapsulation and isolation, that usually follow with scizoid sympthomatics. Anyway amoral guest personalities can bear the conflict and accept local values. Antimoral (delinquent) characters have no this advantage, since they also depend on their previous society values, despite of the sign of this dependance.

All the positive an negative social values shift greatly while guest tries to accomodate in the new reality. Importance of this process is great for the Reincarnation Service activity. The problem is that the conception of success which is one of the base ideas of the Reincarnation Service depends strictly on the social and technical development and morals.

For example. If our customer was a warrior in ordering reality, his conception of success could be something like "good sword, good horse, 30 people under the command and skills of a good rapist". No need to explain that this idea can be harmful for the customer in a case of formal realization. Even being a prince is not enough for success in our world. The same problems will be met by our present customers.

That's why the cancellation script should be formed before any other parts of the guest personality and shouldn't start it's work in a case of formal equivalence absence, or, vice versa, shouldn't be deactivated when finding formal equivalence.

It's evident that there can be no script of demanded simplicity that could separately, byitself, define the situation of cancellation without a too large number of false cancellations or deactivatoins. So it uses the fact that the reincarnation process is long enough, and the base guest values are formed during its first phase. Therefore the values conformity can be estimatedwith high reliability long before the guest personality will be formed as a subpersonality of the host. If the situation estimated is not suitable to reincarnate, the script cancels the process, and starts service subscript of Reincarnation Service crew member guest forming. Since there is no need of full transposition of previous crew member personality, it just forms some skills needed, and the guest is not a reincarnation of some crew member, but allows the host to be one if the situation and subpersonal contact will be good enough. After this stage the cancellation script sets reminding code sequense to be a strong value and desactivates itself.

The script is sophisticated and so it is not universal. It should be redesigned for every new world and cannot be activated twice, so to be scripted one should have access to "local" Dan Shen in the current world.

Chapter 8. Demiurgy.
8.3. The god.

Every next life the person should have more experience, and so the every next host brain should be a bit more large and comlicated, to keep larger personality. It's easy to understand, that there is no need for the host brain to be exactly the size which is enough to keep the personality. It can be larger. It can also be as large, so it could accept more than one personality. Say, two. Or three. Or ten. Or hundred.

Let's discuss the mechanism of theese personalities interaction later, and now we just extrapolate the host brain size, the number of personalities incorporated and their experience. We'll come to an idea of a infinite size host brain, containing infinite number of personalities and with infinite experience. It is idea of god.

There is no law preventing the existance of such god, but there is an unpleasant limitation. Since this god contains infinite amount of information it should occupy infinite space containing infinite amount of matter. But if we try to substitute the variables in a equation from 1.6 with these values, we'll get the probability of such god existance not 1, but 1-1/e , or about 0,63.

Well, that's good enough. We cannot be sure that such god exists, but it is possible. More possible, than opposite case.

Actually there are some more limitations for ths god. First, since it occupies all the universe with its brain, it is absolutely not omnipotent. Even more, it cannot DO anything at all in the universe where it exists, it has neither sensors nor effectors, and also there doesn't exist anything except the god's host brain, so there is no "outside" for it.

In theory every object in the universe is involved into god's internal activity, but the god cannot consciously affect any object. Like a human cannot consciously affect a ribosome in one of his neurons.

The last known limitation is that sine the size of the god is infinite, the signal needs an infinite time to pass from one part of the host brain to another. In other words the longest god's thought is as long as the life of the universe.

But since any separate part of the god is working, we cannot say that the god is dead. It's state should look like nirvana, if anyone would try to imagine it.

Interesting, that not all the parts of the god would communiate with each other in imaginable way - many of them should have incompatible LSL (see 4.2).


8.7. Demiurgy as is.


As we found above, the personality's identity depends on a methal scheme only, doesn't matter what base the scheme is built on - neurons, silicon chips, plasma vortexes or whatever else. So the god can duplicate or create a personality (the difference is none, because the god already contains all possible variants of the personalities with all variants of the experience) based on it's (god's) own menthal structure. No doubts, even more easily it can model the body and some extarnal to the personality objects.

Again, extrapolating this ability we come to an idea of modelled, virtual universe that is created by the god (VU). Actually (and it is important) the creator is not the whole god, but just some of its parts (if we want this universe to be functional). And again, to satisfy the condition of functional VU, it can be one of two kinds: either non-infinite or having less dimensions than host brain physical universe. In first case the VU can be of any number of dimesions.

Some evidences show that our universe is limited, and in thi case it should be virtual.

For any of the evidently infinite number of VUs the creator is not so helpless as the god in physical universe. Quite opposite it is in principe absolutely omnipotent. Anyway we cannot know the aims of this creation, so it is doubtful that the creator would like to control every particle motion in the VU. More possible that the creator would just set a set of laws which the VU would obey (anyway there can be some gaps, just like non-obligated equality of the inertial and gravitational masses in our universe).


In this situation the karma and samsara can be not stochastially and statistically conditioned, but be a result of the informational flows defined by creator.


8.9. The prophecy.


We could suppose that since the VU is intentionally created, and since it is a part of the god's information system, there should be some ways to contact the god.

A person, who would say that a human cannot move a heavy truck, because it's not in human's abilities to push it with the muscles, is wrong. But also is wrong the one, who believe that it's possible to move the track by shouting loudly: "Move!". I.e. to pray and be heard.

We (here in RIS) don't believe any religion, which says that it's church has exclusive right to shout to the truck and move it. But our observations, which numer is large enough to systemize, show that there should be at least three condidions that could make the attempt to "move the truck" successful.

First: it should be proper place. Not a church, just a place. There are some formal onditions for such places, observed both in our world and the worlds of pervious lives of our clients and collegues.

Second: it should be proper persons. in other words, only one of about 180 000 has the privileges to speak to the creator.

Third: it should be proper manipulations (rituals) to be done. Like if we really want to move the truck by the most effective way - driving.


Well, the situaton is much more complicated. Obviously there should be more conditions since most of the sets place-person-ritual doesn't work steady. And even the steady working sets resist to our investigations, because the slightest changes lead not to the changes in the result (by the way simple and absolutely useless in most cases), but to full absence of any result at all. Like if one try to change the single letters of a computer program without any knowledge about computers. We do a great work in finding more steady sets, but yet it's not enough for any systematic investigation. The situation complicates with the fact, that the "people of the set" usually are not really communicable.

We are happy that anyway there are at least very few useful and reliable sets, the most important of them is Master Dan Shen activity, which allows us not only investigate current worls, but also obtain valuable information about other worlds from our clients.

Interesting, that some parts of the sets can be substituted. For example, Master Dan Shen is not a name, but a title. There is only one for now in our world, but there are eight more persons found that could accept the same function. Also Master Dan Shen can work in several places on the Globe.


14.3. Spreaded and multiple personalities treatment.

I have mentioned in my work "Subjectivism: The problem of reality identification" that the consciousness is not the necessary property of intelligence. But it also can be presented in more than one and even fractional quantity.

This can happen for example if the size and complication of the host brain and also the brain element processing speed are very large in comparison with signal speed. If the ants would be a bit more intelligent and if the anthill size could be about 100-1000 times bigger, we could probably obtain an intelligent anthill with very uncommon properties.

For now the spreaded personality is a condition to start cancellation funtction of the cancellation script in a case of human guest personality. We cannot be sure we are right and we know at least two cases when the spreaded personality was ordered by the customers and Reincarnation Service was to refuse. In this chapter I am going to look at this problem more attentively.

Multiple personality is more tolerant to the human personality structure and in theory can be offered as a service for close friends and families and aggregors (I know there was no orders of such kind during the whole history of Reincarnation Service on the Earth) especially taking into account that the aggregors are much more stable than single personalities.

In both cases the host brain should be large enough.